Thursday, October 28, 2010


It was inevitable - one morning I was going to wake and see this.....

And This.....

But I really wanted THIS...

But I would have settled for EVEN THIS:

I wanted to pull the covers over my head and NOT drive sixty miles to work.  I knew the roads off The Ridge were going to S L I c K  and N A s T y.    But I had to cowgirl up and go.  I arrived at work late. The roads were nasty for 25 miles and I drove s l o w l y.

CAN HUMANS HIBERNATE?   See you all in the spring...........................

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Drat! Rolling into Number Four

Season, WINTER!!  Snow in the High Country is forecast for this weekend.  Soon the fall colors will be gone and everything will be white, or dirty brown....

Goodbye to
Golden Cottonwood Trees at our Gate!

Fall Colors along the creek

Beautiful Colors on Muddy Mountain! 

And HELLo to

So Many CLOTHES you cannot move

 Standard Time so the Moon is rising
while you are driving home from Work

 Bad roads (look at THIS!)
ONE INCH and it's all on the Bloomin' Road from the Wind! 

 Feeding Livestock Every Day  - Sometimes you Get to Feed when there is No Snow.

And sometimes you don't.

And just occasionally, very occasionally, winter is pretty.

Now picture the scene from Gone with the Wind, where Scarlet O'Hara is digging  rotten turnips out of the garden, and with her fist raised to the sky declares, 
"AS You are my Witness, I WILL survive the winter!"

Well okay, that's not exactly what Scarlet said, but that's what I'm sayin!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Advice for the Farm-Lorn

I've decided to become the next World-Wide Famous Advice Columnist.  Shouldn't be to hard.  All you have to do is read a letter and then boss the person on what to do.  I think I'm already good at that.

Why is it we love to read about the misery of other people?  I guess it must be the same mechanism that drives the gossip gaggles.  So here is sampling of one of my possible future columns.  Enjoy.

Dear Redneck Cowgirl:
I have always wanted to live in the country.   My husband is an investment banker who earns enough money to afford a wonderful huge expensive home in New York along with wonderful vacations, and is a kind considerate man and wonderful father.  However, he refuses to move or even to allow me to have a horse and board it near the city.  What should I do?  Sad City Mom

Dear Sad City Mom:
You have obviously been seriously deprived in your privileged life.  You need to shoot your husband (I recommend checking the death sentence laws in your state first however) and find a nice farmer/rancher to marry where you can then work outside of the farm and farm full-time also.  You will also have the wonderful experience of living paycheck to paycheck, freezing your buns off in horribly cold weather, stoking a wood fire to save on heating expenses, and feeding your farmer/rancher and all his best buddies every time he works cattle or plows his field and they all come to help.  This is of course on a very limited budget so you will also have to plant a garden big enough to feed a neighborhood and put all that food up by canning or freezing for later use.
Plan on sleeping a maximum of 2 hours a night at least 11 1/2 months of the year.  Think of how buff you can become walking home when your car quits on the 2 mile lane into your house (plan on once a week at a minimum); or the wonderful experience of watching your darling child run over by a mad bull!  Oh not to be missed!
As for the horse, you will be allowed numerous steeds but will only get to find the time to ride a couple of times of year, usually branding and shipping.  And you can take pride in your tractor driving skills along with your new-found bravery when you smack that mad cow over her nose with a 2 x 4.
---Redneck Cowgirl

Dear Redneck Cowgirl --
My husband and I run 1000 head of sheep which means we also have several Border Collies.  The problem is those dogs are very attached to my husband as they spend all day with him.  I don't as I have to work off the farm so we have medical insurance and money.  Whenever I try to get into his pickup, one of the dogs is in the front seat (they fight over who gets that position) bites me.  What so I do?    Bitten in Colorado

Dear Bitten -
Suck it up and make sure those dogs are current on their rabies vaccinations.  
Redneck Cowgirl

Dear Redneck Cowgirl --
My 16 year old son tells me he wants to rodeo and be a cowboy.  What should I do?
Worried Mom in Montana

Dear Worried Mom in Montana -
Suck it up and make sure he is current on his rabies vaccination -
Redneck Cowgirl

Dear Redneck Cowgirl --

I have a strange problem.  A badger has set up a hole to live in right near our lane gate.  It threatens me every time I get out to open the gate.   What should I do?   Chicken in South Dakota

Dear Chicken in South Dakota:
Suck it up and make sure YOU are current on rabies vaccinations.  OR you can do what I did - shoot the badger. (note requires nerves of steel while it comes running towards you with teeth flashing! And a darn good aim.I sucked it up and hit it.)
Redneck Cowgirl

Dear Redneck Cowgirl --
My twenty year old son entered the wild horse race over the 4th of July, which his team won.  Unfortunately that night he got drunk at the street dance, got into a fist fight and was arrested for being a minor in possession.  Now he has to go to court and as his parent, I have to go with him.  What should I do?  - Myself

Dear Myself -
I sucked it UP! and went to court.  I was so proud of him...not. (and yes, that really IS the kid that did this to me in the above photo.  FWIW he spent more than he won on the fine and learned his lesson.)
Redneck Cowgirl

So what do you think?  Do I have a great future or WHAT!!!  Send in your questions! (just not too hard a question.  My life experiences are limited here North of Nowhere).

Friday, October 8, 2010

Talking Photo Play

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Talking Photos - go to demo

Here's what you do when you are procrastinating --  It's windy, blustery and cool here at North of Nowhere in Wyoming.  I have to go to town and do some garage cleaning at our house in town.  I am so dreading looking forward to it.  So I've been on the net.......

The foal is our little buckskin lady from this summer.  AFS Ryder Hi Brida.  Isn't she cute?  And she really does kinda have a cutsie lovely disposition.  Have fun and go play around with talking photos.