Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sewin' my Life Away!

Remember Eddie Rabbit's Drivin' My Life Away?  I always did like that song.

Tis almost the Season - Winter the Season of Sewing.  That's about the only thing I like about the season of frozen nose and toes anymore.

Some of you know I like to sew.  I have a new baby grandson and I made him a hooded cowboy towel that turned out pretty cute (but I neglected to take a photo of it so you'll have to take my word for it) along with some burp cloths as that's what his Mommy said he needed.  I've only seen him once (he's pretty new!) but he sure is cute.

My next project will be a Baptismal Suit for the new grandson.  #2 Child (who is the Dad) has strict orders that it CANNOT BE A DRESS.    So I've picked out this pattern with some customization - I am thinking of using an ivory satin for the main part but there is a gorgeous matching fabric with a leaf stitched in the satin at the fabric shop.  Maybe using it for the little vest and then making the bowtie a pale blue and making the bonnet with the leaf fabric and a pale blue brim.

When my granddaughter was born I wanted to make her a Christening gown and there in my closet was my wedding dress that my mother & I had sewn in 1974.

  My mother had hand-beaded the lace insets.  Now I thought NO one is ever going to wear that again so I cut it up and made this ---

Course I cannot make something for new baby brother without including Big Sister, so I thought I would make this for granddaughter in a red plaid with a black bowtie and white lacy pinafore.   I think she will look pretty cute in it.  She's fun to sew for as she is a girly-girl and likes the fru-fru.

Another project I think would be fun would be to reproduce a Victorian dress worn by one of her great-great grandmothers at the turn of the Century.  I have her other grandmother looking to see if she has a photo.  The photo below is my grandmother Irene with her older Sister Florence.  Boy they really had fancy dresses didn't they!   I'm not too sure I don't like Aunt Florence's dress better than my grandmothers.

Do you suppose that these little girls or their parents knew how precious this photo is to me today?

I have a lot of fun memories of my Grandma Irene.  I always loved her kitchen as she had a rooster theme.  Her table was round and it sat in a round dining area in the kitchen.  She had rooster salt and pepper shakers and a rooster napkin holder.  Her table was red and chrome classic fifties style.  But the neatest thing she did was she painted a gorgeous rooster above her cabinets just to the left of her kitchen sink.  Someday I want a rooster over MY Kitchen sink!

Well I have a ton of other projects lined up for this winter too!  Several quilts and some baby hats like this one  These are the cutest hats on a baby and I usually make them for all the new babies I know.

Happy Winter Sewing!