Monday, March 13, 2017

Snow Dogs

We've had several good snowstorms this past month and half.  Enough that Hubby had to fire up Ol' Smokey, our 93 Ford diesel truck with a snow plow.  Trust me, we call it Ol' Smokey for a reason, both of us are amazed it's still running.
Ol' Smokey, plow is behing the porch railing

And don't ask me why, but EVERY dog who has ever ridden in Ol' Smokey becomes OBSESSED with plowing snow.  They love it and will ride gleefully for hours.  And each dog has a 'spot' in the seats which never changes.  When my oldest sons dogs were here over their vacations, there were six dogs which rode the plow.  Each one always had a spot which never changed.  Now only one of those dogs is still alive all these years later, and Bob always sits in the same darn spot even though none of the other dogs  are there.  It's in the back seat one dog over from the driver's side.  

You cannot see him but Bob's back there.  He's a black n white Australian Sheperd so he's invisible.  Baxter, the schnoodle, is on the passenger side front seat.   Missy, the other schnoodle, is on hubby's lap.   And if Hubby plows without them?  OH MY.   Those schnoodles are great at throwing a fit.

And a-wayyyy we go!

The other day as I went north on the highway, the sun was shining, the air was warm, and it felt like spring.   So I stopped and took a picture of the Big Horn Mountains.

You can just barely see the snow capped peaks above the pine ridge in the middle of the photo.
We can see these peaks from our place also, the whim to photograph didn't hit me till I was on the road.

Wyoming Amateur Wrestling has begun for this year; and Hubby and myself find ourselves going to our 15th year of attending tournaments.   #2 Son wrestled with the WAWA from the time he was six till he was 18.   #1 Son was seven years older and he wrestled 3 or 4 seasons with WAWA before he decided it wasn't really his thing.

Now grandson is wrestling, and I've assumed my unofficial duty as 'videographer of each match'.  I tell you though, getting off that gym floor was a lot easier twenty years ago than now!  I just hope if I get stuck, they will come and get me before they leave the tournament.

Waiting, a thing you get good at, if you wrestle.

#2 son with Grandson, he is coaching him.  Good father/son time.

Happy Wrestler taking off his shoes at end of tournament.  He got second place.

I was surprised when one of the other grandmothers told me it made her so 'nervous' to watch her grandson wrestle she almost couldn't watch.  She asked me if I felt the same.  Nope, not at all.  I think maybe we have two different definitions of 'nervous'.

Knowing a rattlesnake just bit my 2 year old son; now THAT made me nervous/anxious.   Watching a gray mare my son is breaking rear up and come over backwards on him, made me nervous. (Thank god, he was agile enough and quick enough to bail out of there so he wasn't injured.)  Knowing the bull is behind me and starting to paw and bellow, gives me a quite nervous feeling also. (said bull is gone).  Watching a rotating thunderstorm cloud go over our place gives me a certain nervous feeling.

But sports?  Nope, never.   I hadn't realized how much I had missed those bleachers till Grandson and Granddaughters started sports.

Spring is almost here at North of nowhere.  First calves are on the ground and we have green grass starting as of March 11th.  Boy that is EARLY for grass in our neck of the woods.  Now just for the snow/rain to continue so it can drink and grow.

Now where did I put that seed catalog?