Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day Musing

Today is a cold gray day in Wyoming, and it's Veteran's Day.  Both my hubby's dad and my father were World War II vets.  I have a nephew right now who is deployed, something like his fifth deployment.

We salute our Veterans and remember their service.

Which brought Hubby and I to a conversation center around the Cold War era.  They gave all us kids 'lessons' in surviving a nuclear holocaust; quite literally.  I remember taking classes in PE on how to treat radiation sickness and managing a shelter, making sure those who went outside were decontaminated before coming back in. etc.

Holy Smokes!!!  It was sure nightmare stuff.  I was in junior high school during the Cuban missile crisis and we never knew how close we came to Armageddon then.  Turned out not only were all those Cuban missiles ready to go off--they were ARMED!!  Yikes.

Which brings me to the question, would they give those classes to our kids now?  I know it was pretty scary stuff.

One of Hubby's friends said we would all stay in those shelters 90 days, come out and take one look and decide we were sorry we lived through it.

Maybe.  Hopefully, we will never see a nuclear war....ever.  Not our grandkids nor their descendants.

Well enough of this morbid musing....not a pleasant subject.