Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Autumnul Equinox Already?

Whatcha talking about Willis????

I mean I haven't had SUMMER yet....

We went up the mountain to our lot last weekend and yep, sure 'nuff the aspens were turning yellow.

There seemed to be a lot of orange showing up in the aspens this year.   This photo is from several years ago and shows the yellow and the orange in the aspens.  Apparently the color is controlled by the amount of water the tree receives and when and also the temperatures.

We started this year with a project -- a huge project in mid February.

Morton Buildings started on our barn on the 'town' lot.  This will be where we spend winters when we both are retired.  Still will keep cows and horses but since we feed big rounds, Hubby will go and check and set bales every few days.  This is the end of day two with day one spent pouring the footings.

Below is noon of Day three -- this particular Morton building crew was from Germantown, Ohio and they were so efficient and fast!

Roof on day four

Sides on Day Five
End of Day six -- Completed.
Grandson riding Jeannie the pony in the barn with Grandpa
Granddaughters in the barn door.

AND THEN we had the electrical................

Beginning the installion of the service to the lot.

Finishing wiring the barn.

Hubby and I hung all the lights (well okay Hubby was the guy in the air,  I was the go-fer for him).  It was quite the job and took up two weeks of his summer vacation.  Then the electricians ran the cable to them and wired in the switches and boxes.  

Left to do -- I have to paint the panels we bought to place in the arena, we need to complete a tack room and bathroom and maybe a waiting room.  First we need to fill in around the bottom of the barn (see the day light on the bottom?) and then spread washed arena sand to a depth of about 3".  It's usuable now though.  Just a hard landing as it's packed dirt if you get bucked off.  LOL

I bought the lights from Orion Lighting via the web as they specialize in lighting for barns.  I'm pleased with them (I got the dust proof flourescents) and boy, do we have LIGHT at night.  It's like daylight in there.  Just what you want actually.

So this sucked up all our free time in 2015 and now 2016 we have 1) refurbish the well and get water run, 3) the house.................... we can probably take a vacation about 2020 or so... maybe.


But we LOVE the barn. Something we've both wished for our entire lives and now that we are old, we have it.  Sort of like that Corvette some guys go buy...