Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Sunday Drive

When I was a little girl, we almost always went for a Sunday drive in the afternoon.  Always to some place close and scenic.

Hubby was laid up most of the week with a kidney stone (very painful!) but by Sunday, although it hadn't passed, it must have been stuck as the pain eased and he felt much better and was off the pain meds.

He was also antsy from being cooped up for FIVE whole days (can you imagine!).  So to ease the claustrophobia/outdoor withdrawal we took a drive to the RED WALL County west of Kaycee, Wyoming.  This is also the area where the notorious Hole-in-the-Wall is located.  The occasional home and hideout of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

So ride with us on a glorious warm sunny Wyoming Day to the Red Wall Country.................................

For those interested in the geology, I believe these are the Amsden formation from the Permian era. Not entirely sure as I'm not a geologist although I worked for some over the years.

Gorgeous country isn't it.  Makes me homesick for my hometown of Ten Sleep which is also Red Walls and just over the other side of the Big Horn Mountains.