Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Summer of Noda Nuff

Oh Fall is almost here officially (and actually probably arrived a week ago in Wyoming as the cottonwoods are starting to turn) and this was certainly the Summer of Not Enough of
Time to Work with green horses

Camping on the Mountain
Or sitting around enjoying a campfire
Or Riding
Petting the new foals
And definitely Not Enough S'Mores
Playing with the granddaughter!
And Definitely Too Much of
Slaving over a hot stove (campfires not included!)
Housework (need I say More????)
and WORK!!! Definitely too much.
Therefore I am officially putting 2011 on Notice that there will be More Camping, Riding, Petting the 2010 foals, S'mores and Granddaughter!  Housework, cooking and my job will be put on hold indefinitely or until I am a)broke and b)conditions become too unsanitary or c)hungry.!!!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Sometimes Camping is just exhausting!
Aunt L Was there when I woke up.  I really like my Aunt L.  She's a Real Cowgirl.

And Nana had a New Helmet and New Boots Ready!
Hey Nana! It Fits!  Now Where's the Boots?

Okay, got the boots on but I'm still a tad tired.

But I perked right up when Dad showed up with a horse.  Daddy took me for a short ride. It was scary at first, but I wanted to do it.   The very first thing I said the next morning to my Daddy was Ride the Horse! 

And I wasn't scared at all.  I liked it...a Lot!

Grandpa rode Ratchet and Daddy & I rode Fizz. Charlie the Schnauzer went too!

I did other fun stuff too, like swinging in the swing Grandpa put up for me in the tree.

Digging in the dirt was a hit too.
 And what's camping without s'mores????

Yeah Horse Patch Camp was a lot of fun.  But how did Nana know I about ready to ride a horse? (Hey, Nana's been down this road with quite a few kids, she knew.)

And now a word from Nana.  Horses are big AND scarey.  Never force a child to ride a horse.  They have to want to do it. And please please never put your child on a horse - ANY horse without a properly fitted equestrian helmet.  Head injuries are the #1 serious injury from horseback riding. I know, the old photos of my kids-no helmets.  But now I am older and wiser plus the helmets are more available, better built and reasonably priced.
My granddaughter's helmet was a small dial-a-fit.  Don't put your child on a horse with dangling jewelry, tied hood strings or anything that can hang up on the saddle and prevent them from getting off if they need to in an emergency.  Don't put laced up boots on them, slip on type ropers are the best so small feet can fall out. 
Never let your small child walk up to a horse alone and NEVER let them walk behind a horse.   
Make Safety a Priority -- and Now Let's Go Ride!