Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Summer of Noda Nuff

Oh Fall is almost here officially (and actually probably arrived a week ago in Wyoming as the cottonwoods are starting to turn) and this was certainly the Summer of Not Enough of
Time to Work with green horses

Camping on the Mountain
Or sitting around enjoying a campfire
Or Riding
Petting the new foals
And definitely Not Enough S'Mores
Playing with the granddaughter!
And Definitely Too Much of
Slaving over a hot stove (campfires not included!)
Housework (need I say More????)
and WORK!!! Definitely too much.
Therefore I am officially putting 2011 on Notice that there will be More Camping, Riding, Petting the 2010 foals, S'mores and Granddaughter!  Housework, cooking and my job will be put on hold indefinitely or until I am a)broke and b)conditions become too unsanitary or c)hungry.!!!!!


  1. Great post, Merideth! I couldn't agree more.

  2. I think 2010 can go on record as being the fastest year yet! I hope you get to do so much more of those things in 2011!

  3. HEAR! HEAR! I so agree with you!


  4. I want a do over for last summer too! :)

  5. I hereby grant us all a Do-Over for the Summer. However due to technical difficulties, it will not occur until 2011..........

  6. I like this blog. I may stay around. :)