Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Past Christmas - Thank goodness!

Ah, finally the Season of Shopaholics is OVER.  I HATE to shop.  Hate it, hate it, hate it.  I don't even like to go grocery shopping.  It's all a necesary evil.  The new fangled internet shopping has saved my butt a few times the most recent Christmas Season.  Love ya, Amazon.  Ya never screw my orders up and usually the shipping is FREE!

My granddaughter on the left, and me on the right at approximately the same ages.  My folks used the photo of me on their christmas cards in 1953.

I hate being patient and waiting in line at Wally World for a bag of dog food during the Shopaholic Marathon. I sometimes wish Christmas would just go back to being the religious holiday it should be.  They start putting out the Christmas items BEFORE Halloween now for crimey sakes.  Give me a break....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why Wyoming is the Least Populated State in the US

Ever take water coming out of the tap for granted?  Last week we sure did NOT.

Minus 15 degrees the thermometer read December 9th morning.  Yeppers, that's 15 degrees BELOW ZERO - Maybe you've wondered why Wyoming has only 500,000 people living here.  It's because all the weak ones have winter killed.

Ah the pleasures of minus zero weather, Day One my car battery died ($134.00 for a new heavy duty one; I can now start a bulldozer with my car!!), and the shower froze up in the master bath, okay not a problem, use the bath #2 tub.

 Day Two, the sink in the 2nd bath is leaking -- oh goody, need to replace that ($34.95) when we have time.  Shut off sink. 

Day three, sink in master bath Freezes UP.  Oh this is getting serious - use Kitchen sink.....

By Day four we are down to kitchen sink and back bathtub but we survived!!!  Ah the joys of living in a lousy mobile home outside of civilization!!!  Temps above zero this week and even the forties by the end of the week! Life goes on.