Sunday, January 30, 2011


I do believe we have the Grinch for a weatherman.  Just two days ago it was 48 degrees, sunny, snow melting.  The cows were laying down on the hillside sunning themselves while the horses snoozed in the could almost feel spring was just around the corner in a month or two....then.............

Today our high was 20 with cold fog..........all day.

But that's not the worst of it.

It is suppose to get to minus 20 degrees below zero.

Cruel, really really cruel Mr. Weatherman.

I am NOT amused Sir.  No not amused at all.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well That Certainly Did NOT Take Long....

The weather co-operated and we made it to grandson's baptism in Small Town Wyoming. We did opt to drive the four wheel drive pick-up rather than the car under the theory better to realize we could have taken the car rather than sorry we had not taken the four wheel drive vehicle on bad roads!

The church is such a lovely church built in 1912 with imported stained glass windows.  I did not catch any of them in the background darn it.

AND the pinafore/dress I made for Granddaughter at Thanksgiving??  DIL reported it almost did not fit her in the waist - it's tight!!! Wow - the lil' pumpkin is growing like a WEED!  But the pinafore is fully adjustable so all I have to do is make a bigger dress every year.  I think she can get a good two years out of it that way.

The dress needs some adjustment here Nana! Don't get your undies in a knot over it!
This is a Girly Bonnet!  TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF!
I had extra material left over - enough to make a matching blanket for Grandson.

I really enjoyed the music they had for the Sunday services in this church.  They were ALL upbeat tempo and cheerful!  Wow - being raised in a German-American Lutheran community I never knew hymns could be like that.  I always thought they were all mournful slow dirges with weird notes NO ONE could sing and lyrics NO ONE could understand written by a Johann Mendelson Straussberger in 1789 or thereabouts!  I always get a BIG kick out of Garrison Keillor and his Lake Woebegon Lutherans.  That was MY childhood!

This year's two fillies are in the weaning pen and were decidedly UNIMPRESSED with the arrangement at first. As soon as the ice melts out of their pen, we will start working with them.  Hasn't happened yet but suppose to be 40 degrees tomorrow so soon they will sporting purple halters.
Brida the Buckskin and Hi Note the liver Chestnut - both Morgans of course!

I am ready for spring, to heck with ice and winter.  Bring On the MUD!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It FID DIT! erhhh Did Fit!

Oh Man I was worried the Baptism Outfit I was working so hard on would not fit the new Little Wee Guy so we traveled 300 miles from North of Nowhere and tried it on him!  IT FIT!  Whew.  I can breathe now as he is being baptized next weekend.

I did some creative 'sizing' on this one.   I knew his current weight and length thanks to his Mother and then I modified the pattern to a long sleeve.  But not knowing how long his arms were, I googled the sleeve length for a baby of his weight and the pants length for the same -- and got results!!  Who knew you could get THAT information from the internet.  Well you can.

The finished suit.  The little bowtie tends to push the wings of the collar up so I think we will probably take that off.  But it looks cute doesn't it?

A matching bonnet.  I doubt he will spend much time in it, but when we tried it on we discovered (to my absolute horror and embarassment) that I had sewn a straight pin inside the lining. Yikes, poor Grandson almost has a new meaning for MEAN Grandma!  I brought the bonnet home and opened up the lining and removed it.  Bad Grandma!

 Grandson with his mother.  He's a stout little boy.  Since I never had a daughter, my granddaughter always felt 'frail' to me.  Like I was going to 'break' her.  Well this little guy feels normal, just like his Daddy always felt in my arms - like a little bear cub.
 Granddaughter needed to show us the new bike Santa Claus brought for her.  I am happy to say she is an excellent bike rider, although she needs a little alley oop/catch on occasion from her Daddy.
She and Grandpa had fun making snow balls and throwing them at Grandma and the camera!!  Fortunately they all landed just a tad short!

I got a real kick out of Granddaughter.  Her mother told her to go get her glasses and mittens so she went into her room and took out 'just' the right pair of sunglasses and then looked over about 3 pairs of mittens till she picked the color-coordinated pink striped ones.   My gosh, do little girls become fashion conscious  that young???  It was cute watching her decide.

It was a fun weekend, thanks to my daughter-in-law and son for the great time; and since I have enough material left over, I do believe I will make a matching quilt to the suit, and line it with blue flannel.  Putting a kid dressed in satin into a satin quilt would be like putting a greased pig into a greased tube I believe.  Tooo slippery.  They would shoot out of there like a rocket and across the floor...............

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Cute Face Will Serve One Well in Life's Tribulations...........

Proof Positive that with a Cute Face, One Can Commit All Kinds of Havoc Without Serious Repercussion
I'm happy to report the Duct Tape on the Refrig door was a success and the schnoodle did NOT get to have his way with the New Year's Turkey although we did share bites with him and the schnauzer (yeah, they are spoiled).  The Schnoodle, Shitmire MacGuire aka Jerry, however, has reeked his revenge.  He stopped asking to go outside to do his duty and started using my sewing room AGAIN.  Probably the DIRECT result of Turkey Deprivation.  The carpet is getting thin from being shampoo'd so is my patience with this.  Just when I thought I had this problem whipped Jerry throws me a curve ball -- well in this case it's ball of dog sh..t!

I reported I finished my granddaughter's dress and here is a shot of her in it.
Granddaughter in the dress/pinafore with #2 Son/Daddy
What you probably cannot tell from the picture is that the pinafore is inside out.  Daddy, who is apparently Little Girl Dress Challenged, dressed her!  We left it as it was, and went on with our Christmas celebration. Daddy told me she insisted on the tights with her black shoes so maybe next time she will tell him it's inside-out!

New Year's Resolution for 2011 - Ride More and maybe do other things like Work, Housework, Paperwork, Television, Internet & Email, LESS.   And Learn to knit in 2011.

New Project in Progress:
Top of Christening Suit in Progress
I've started the Christening suit for my new grandson.  It has to be done by the 23rd when he will be Christened.  I found I like making these 'heritage' type sewing projects even though it's hard sometimes as things are so SMALL like sleeve openings and cuffs.  I'll post as I go along.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Give you Exhibit No. One.........................

Yes, Duct Tape, the all-purpose material on which Modern Society is Built.  Duct Tape.  Said Exhibit One will be used on Exhibit Two.
Exhibit Two - the refrigerator, one of the greatest inventions of Modern Society.   The Refrigerator.

That is correct - here North of Nowhere, Land of the Frozen -10F at night, we will begin 2011 by taping the door of Exhibit Two SHUT with Exhibit One.   And why, you ask?

Because the house smells delicious.  This is in the oven................Exhibit Three.

A Turkey, slowly roasting to a Nice Plump Golden Brown.  It's just the Hubby & I today but I had this in the freezer and thought we would start the New Year out with a scrumptious dinner and LOTS of Leftovers for Turkey Sandwiches!

And Because Exhibit Four still lives here,  we must safeguard the Turkey Leftovers......................
Exhibit Four - Shitmire MacGuire aka Jerry.  Who has been caught red-winged with a turkey leg AFTER he opened the refrigerator several years ago.