Sunday, January 16, 2011

It FID DIT! erhhh Did Fit!

Oh Man I was worried the Baptism Outfit I was working so hard on would not fit the new Little Wee Guy so we traveled 300 miles from North of Nowhere and tried it on him!  IT FIT!  Whew.  I can breathe now as he is being baptized next weekend.

I did some creative 'sizing' on this one.   I knew his current weight and length thanks to his Mother and then I modified the pattern to a long sleeve.  But not knowing how long his arms were, I googled the sleeve length for a baby of his weight and the pants length for the same -- and got results!!  Who knew you could get THAT information from the internet.  Well you can.

The finished suit.  The little bowtie tends to push the wings of the collar up so I think we will probably take that off.  But it looks cute doesn't it?

A matching bonnet.  I doubt he will spend much time in it, but when we tried it on we discovered (to my absolute horror and embarassment) that I had sewn a straight pin inside the lining. Yikes, poor Grandson almost has a new meaning for MEAN Grandma!  I brought the bonnet home and opened up the lining and removed it.  Bad Grandma!

 Grandson with his mother.  He's a stout little boy.  Since I never had a daughter, my granddaughter always felt 'frail' to me.  Like I was going to 'break' her.  Well this little guy feels normal, just like his Daddy always felt in my arms - like a little bear cub.
 Granddaughter needed to show us the new bike Santa Claus brought for her.  I am happy to say she is an excellent bike rider, although she needs a little alley oop/catch on occasion from her Daddy.
She and Grandpa had fun making snow balls and throwing them at Grandma and the camera!!  Fortunately they all landed just a tad short!

I got a real kick out of Granddaughter.  Her mother told her to go get her glasses and mittens so she went into her room and took out 'just' the right pair of sunglasses and then looked over about 3 pairs of mittens till she picked the color-coordinated pink striped ones.   My gosh, do little girls become fashion conscious  that young???  It was cute watching her decide.

It was a fun weekend, thanks to my daughter-in-law and son for the great time; and since I have enough material left over, I do believe I will make a matching quilt to the suit, and line it with blue flannel.  Putting a kid dressed in satin into a satin quilt would be like putting a greased pig into a greased tube I believe.  Tooo slippery.  They would shoot out of there like a rocket and across the floor...............


  1. It turned out really cute..have fun this next weekend..yes a blanket with a flannel lining would be great..much better than a zooming across the floor baby..he is a doll:)

  2. Congratulations! The suit is darling and will make the occasion more memorable.