Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well That Certainly Did NOT Take Long....

The weather co-operated and we made it to grandson's baptism in Small Town Wyoming. We did opt to drive the four wheel drive pick-up rather than the car under the theory better to realize we could have taken the car rather than sorry we had not taken the four wheel drive vehicle on bad roads!

The church is such a lovely church built in 1912 with imported stained glass windows.  I did not catch any of them in the background darn it.

AND the pinafore/dress I made for Granddaughter at Thanksgiving??  DIL reported it almost did not fit her in the waist - it's tight!!! Wow - the lil' pumpkin is growing like a WEED!  But the pinafore is fully adjustable so all I have to do is make a bigger dress every year.  I think she can get a good two years out of it that way.

The dress needs some adjustment here Nana! Don't get your undies in a knot over it!
This is a Girly Bonnet!  TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF!
I had extra material left over - enough to make a matching blanket for Grandson.

I really enjoyed the music they had for the Sunday services in this church.  They were ALL upbeat tempo and cheerful!  Wow - being raised in a German-American Lutheran community I never knew hymns could be like that.  I always thought they were all mournful slow dirges with weird notes NO ONE could sing and lyrics NO ONE could understand written by a Johann Mendelson Straussberger in 1789 or thereabouts!  I always get a BIG kick out of Garrison Keillor and his Lake Woebegon Lutherans.  That was MY childhood!

This year's two fillies are in the weaning pen and were decidedly UNIMPRESSED with the arrangement at first. As soon as the ice melts out of their pen, we will start working with them.  Hasn't happened yet but suppose to be 40 degrees tomorrow so soon they will sporting purple halters.
Brida the Buckskin and Hi Note the liver Chestnut - both Morgans of course!

I am ready for spring, to heck with ice and winter.  Bring On the MUD!


  1. You made more than a Christening suit and dress, you made family memories. Nothing is more precious than that.

    Nothing like a good church social with the ladies in the basement, Jello, and white food. Love that Garrison Keillor! He tells it like it is.

    Here's hoping we get some good Chinook winds soon.

  2. The Christening outfit turned out real should be real proud of your sewing skills! Both of your grands are as cute as they can for the Lutheran hymns..I hate singing the ones that make your mouth hurt and the ones that sound like dying quails.. the mournful slow dirge ones:)