Sunday, June 24, 2012

Boise and Back

We just got back from a whirlwind slogging trip to Boise Idaho and back to pick up a skid steer we purchased..  40 hours in the truck over a period of 3 days.  I don't know how truck drivers do that!

For the trip over we went through Jackson.  The Tetons were stunning as usual and of course, I hadn't taken my camera so photos by me.

But the rocks really never change :)  If you've never gone to see the Tetons, you should.  It's one of those things that should be on everyone's bucket list.

After we climbed over Teton Pass we managed to miss our turn south in the road construction and wound up going about 40 miles further north than we had anticipated to hit I-15.

There were some surprises on the trip.  One was how the Snake River has shaped the entire southern tier of Idaho.  Close to the Snake -- lush irrigated farms.  No Snake - No water - NO Grass either (or hardly any).  I was totally shocked to find that southern Idaho is High Desert Plains and a lot of it lies on top of volcanic rock with a small layer of topsoil (like mere inches).   That was a huge surprise.

We spent the first night in Twin Falls - and here the Snake River has carved a huge canyon out of the volcanic rock creating this:

We drove over the huge gorge to get from I-86 to Twin Falls but I don't think it was this bridge.  Apparently somewhere near here there is a set of falls also.  I could see a golf course at the bottom of the gorge as we drove over it.

Coming back, since we were so loaded we opted for interstate almost all the way home (well at least to Rawlins) so we wouldn't risk blowing a tire over the rocks in the construction zones.  Home was a slow slog through the HEAT.  It was 100 degrees....and still is.  Most of Wyoming is under a critical fire watch.

Summer you gotta love it.  Adios - I'm going to soak my square behind in a tub of ice water.  LOL!