Sunday, April 28, 2013

Back from the Hiatus!

My old computer strangled to death on it's own guts -- you know Microsoft Windows Poisoning!  So no posting for a while.  A new laptop later I'm online again.  It has Windows 8 which I'm not fond of but at least it works.

I gave my Kindle temporarily to No. 1 Son and DIL thinking it would 'free' me up to do some sewing and it sure did!

Here's some of the projects I've gotten done......
Aprons for Grandson and Granddaughter -- and I made matching aprons for Mom & Dad too.  
Had to order the material off the internet; apparently cherries are popular for sewing.

Fleece bathrobes - my first serger project.  I was happy with how they turned out and will definitely make more of these.

Minnie Mouse Sundress.  The Fabric was $25 a Yard for simple cotton!! Wow they must know grandmothers are suckers for cute fabric.  

Lil cowpokes need little cowboy shirts - toddler size 3 with a bandana that has velcro to hold it.  I used the same sewing pattern I used to use for his daddy.  Glad I saved it.

Now I am working on doll clothes and a really cute short set for Granddaughter's birthday.

Only one cow left to calve and we are done with the herdlet calving.  All black heifer calves so far!! WOW.  That's never happened before.  Going to be hard to determine who goes to the sale barn and who we eat next year.  Might have to go buy a couple of steers.  I don't like to eat the girls.

Grass is starting to come up.  I missed five days of work in April because the cars looked like this (and I ain't complaining -- it REALLY helped out the grass).

This is what happens to your car when you choose your parking space poorly the night before a major spring storm.  A Porch Horse (poor choice).
However the Female in the house observed where there was a 'pocket' created by the winds and parked her car more wisely!

I think I will have to turn on the spam filters on this blog.  I am getting 10 - 12 spam postings a day (which do not go through the filter but DO go to my email.)  I hate those capcuta or whatever they are called things so I have resisted.  They seem to be increasing by the week so probably some robo commenting thing has found me.  Don't click on the links if they go through!!!