Saturday, August 7, 2010

Where Did all This Stuff Come From?

Oh man, I'm right in the middle of a huge project -- cleaning out an garage that was full of stuff for the last ten years since we moved out to North of Nowhere.  And now I ask myself, what was I thinking??? Keeping all THIS STUFF????  I mean really, I thought I was going to USE a corn cutter that is still in the package after ten years.  Right.  I can not even GROW corn because the water out in North of Nowhere won't grow squat, it has too much sulfate.  And a rusty teapot, oh now that was something certainly worth packing around and taking up space for ten years. 

But then I discovered the gems,  the 4 x 6" and 4 x 4" gems and some 8 x 10" gems........................

Someone said, don't go through the'll never get done.  But the pictures are mixed in with all the other stuff so I HAVE to go through them and now tonight I'm feeling nostaglic......I miss my little cowboys I think, empty nest syndrome or something.  HA

#1 Son Wrangling in Yellowstone National Park in 1996.

Kids, this one was for you.  So you don't have to clean out all that crap after I'm gone like your Dad & I did for Grandpa, Nanny & Auntie the last few years.....oh right, that's where all this stuff came from!  Well maybe not all of it.  

Where did the time go?  And how did I get this old????  That's the real question............