Saturday, August 7, 2010

Where Did all This Stuff Come From?

Oh man, I'm right in the middle of a huge project -- cleaning out an garage that was full of stuff for the last ten years since we moved out to North of Nowhere.  And now I ask myself, what was I thinking??? Keeping all THIS STUFF????  I mean really, I thought I was going to USE a corn cutter that is still in the package after ten years.  Right.  I can not even GROW corn because the water out in North of Nowhere won't grow squat, it has too much sulfate.  And a rusty teapot, oh now that was something certainly worth packing around and taking up space for ten years. 

But then I discovered the gems,  the 4 x 6" and 4 x 4" gems and some 8 x 10" gems........................

Someone said, don't go through the'll never get done.  But the pictures are mixed in with all the other stuff so I HAVE to go through them and now tonight I'm feeling nostaglic......I miss my little cowboys I think, empty nest syndrome or something.  HA

#1 Son Wrangling in Yellowstone National Park in 1996.

Kids, this one was for you.  So you don't have to clean out all that crap after I'm gone like your Dad & I did for Grandpa, Nanny & Auntie the last few years.....oh right, that's where all this stuff came from!  Well maybe not all of it.  

Where did the time go?  And how did I get this old????  That's the real question............


  1. De cluttering..but you found some real treasures in the photos..I have way too much "stuff" poor kids will have to deal with it..:)

  2. I wonder how I got this old too....and also: How do I make it stop!
    I have been slowing getting rid of knick knacks & stuff. It's a wonderful feeling to see an empty shelf and just leave it alone.
    I met you on OPOD and had to look at your Wyoming girls have to stick together.