Monday, May 27, 2013

How to Properly Eat a Lime

Brought to you by the Lovely Miss T - #1 Granddaughter
First take a good BITE!

Whoo EEE! It's so sour!

Savor the Flavor!

Yikes, what a Bite!

Miss T -  Toughest Lime Eater in the West

Girls are just so uncool.  Not like us Dudes in the sunglasses - Mr. B,  Da Little Brother

Hope your Memorial Day was Sunny and Fun.  And for that we can thank our wonderful soldiers who protect our freedom to enjoy BBQ's and everything life in the US has to offer.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We Would Like to Take This Opportunity

To Thank BOB; our resident cowdog and homestead Manager for bravely fighting one Pepee LePew (Skunk) the other night in Line of Duty and.....

Enthusastically Greeting the Residents of the Homestead 60 Miles North of Nowhere upon their arrival home, whereupon their eyes began to water it so bad.

Bob Helping Hubby yesterday

Visitors to ye olde Homestead may find it prudent to remain upwind of BOB for the next few days.