Tuesday, April 25, 2017

You Know its Spring in Wyoming when the snow is up past your knees!

Boy oh boy has it been snowy this spring.

I took this one the beginning of April 

And the one below today, April 25th.   This is the old leaky stock tank I use for container gardening.  Won't be doing any of that for a while!  We seem to have a few warm days and then rain or snow for a few days, which means a good grass year hopefully.  Much better than drought although I think I prefer for the moisture to not be white!

We've had some nice warm sunny days to be sure.   Even a few in the 70's but the nights remain cold so the grass hasn't really taken off yet, although it is green and the cows have NO interest in the round bales of hay anymore.

So what do I do on these snowy days?   Knit of course.   Socks right now.     I ordered the Mary Maxim surprise sock yarn box and was very pleased.  Enough yarn for 3 pairs!
I made these for my oldest son and daughter-in-law.   All the yarns were smart wool (washable but not machine dry!) in fingering weight.  These were the first I've made in fingering weight and the yarn is like knitting with string.  You just knit and knit and knit, and you've got an inch done!  Ha.

This is the final pair from my surprise box.  Obviously, with the pink, they will be a ladies pair of socks.   I am doing a two at a time, cuff down, on circular needles.   I have two balls of yarn in the 'yarn' bowl behind them in the picture.   The trick is to keep turning them fro and then back to not tangle up the 2 balls.  It's relatively simple and I LOVE my addi circular needles.  Size 2 and 40" long. The two at a time is nice so far and then I won't have a sock with an unknitted mate!  I like to knit socks but I also like sweaters and mittens.  Hats are okay but not my favourite.

This is our new Schnoodle, Lucy.   We got her from a rescue in Torrington and love her to pieces.  She is very well mannered and so loving.   Baxter, (below) has introduced her to rabbit running and wrestling, his two favourite activities.   A Schnoodle is a miniature schnauzer/miniature poodle cross.

Baxter is OBSESSED with rabbits and a total character.   He keeps us AMUSED. He lives to hunt those rabbits.   Yesterday before it snowed and it was still pretty warm, the dogs went with Tony to feed the bull in the corral.   Baxter spied a rabbit across the pond and as soon as he spied it, he took OFF, Leapt into the air and came down into the pond with a huge splash and took off swimming to the other side.   Climbed out of the water and took after that rabbit.   Hubby said he looked like the retrievers in the dog food commercials the way he took to that water.   Lucy, however, decided prudence was more in order and ran AROUND the pond keeping herself dry.  Sadly, for Baxter, and happily for the rabbit, they did not catch him.  But it sure wasn't for a lack of Trying!

Took a trip to Belfry, Montana and picked up four head of new cows   Our herdlet is getting aged so these are young replacements.   The trip was beautiful and the people we bought them from were so very nice.  I had packed a lunch/snacks for us but Hubby kept buying jerky sticks when we would stop for gas or bathroom breaks.  He came to regret his choice of snack food that evening........................

Like the guy in the Indiana Jones movie said, "Choose Wisely."