Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Cute Face Will Serve One Well in Life's Tribulations...........

Proof Positive that with a Cute Face, One Can Commit All Kinds of Havoc Without Serious Repercussion
I'm happy to report the Duct Tape on the Refrig door was a success and the schnoodle did NOT get to have his way with the New Year's Turkey although we did share bites with him and the schnauzer (yeah, they are spoiled).  The Schnoodle, Shitmire MacGuire aka Jerry, however, has reeked his revenge.  He stopped asking to go outside to do his duty and started using my sewing room AGAIN.  Probably the DIRECT result of Turkey Deprivation.  The carpet is getting thin from being shampoo'd so is my patience with this.  Just when I thought I had this problem whipped Jerry throws me a curve ball -- well in this case it's ball of dog sh..t!

I reported I finished my granddaughter's dress and here is a shot of her in it.
Granddaughter in the dress/pinafore with #2 Son/Daddy
What you probably cannot tell from the picture is that the pinafore is inside out.  Daddy, who is apparently Little Girl Dress Challenged, dressed her!  We left it as it was, and went on with our Christmas celebration. Daddy told me she insisted on the tights with her black shoes so maybe next time she will tell him it's inside-out!

New Year's Resolution for 2011 - Ride More and maybe do other things like Work, Housework, Paperwork, Television, Internet & Email, LESS.   And Learn to knit in 2011.

New Project in Progress:
Top of Christening Suit in Progress
I've started the Christening suit for my new grandson.  It has to be done by the 23rd when he will be Christened.  I found I like making these 'heritage' type sewing projects even though it's hard sometimes as things are so SMALL like sleeve openings and cuffs.  I'll post as I go along.


  1. The pinafore story is a classic!

    The Christening suit fabric is perfect, but I imagine it is not so perfect to sew as it slips and frays so easily. I can't wait to see the finished suit. Jus make sure Daddy doesn't dress the baby!

  2. Your Grand is as cute as she can be even if her pinafore is on backwards!! The Christening outfit is going to be very handsome..what a treasure.

    Jerry would be on my list and confined to a kennel til he got his potty manners back..or clothsline roped to me until he got it all straightened out. Hopefully he doesn't have an underlying medical problem. :(