Friday, July 2, 2010

We Interrupt this Blog

Prairie Rose Henderson, Lady Bronc Rider from Lander, WY

To Wish Everyone a Happy & Safe Fourth of July!  And in Wyoming the Fourth is Always about going to the Rodeo.  In our case we will be spending the 4th in Ten Sleep, WY at my High School Class Reunion.  It is so sad everyone else got old but I did not.  They will be soooo envious (not!).

And I would like to take the time to introduce our newest addition to the Morgan Herd, AFS Heavenly Hi Note (ML Meadowlark Jazz Spur X Casas Heavenly Rose) who arrived while I was on my vacation.  She will be a tall little lady and will mature to almost 16 hands and be a real sweetheart like both of her parents.
AFS Heavenly Hi Note - June 7th, 2010 

Back to the Vacation Blog after the 4th!  Next segment will be Morgan Horse friends I visited, the Redwoods and the Beach!


  1. Ten Sleep that is a pretty area..have a great time! You are gonna have to give us all the details on that class reunion when you return:)

  2. What a cutie! Have fun at your reunion. The nice thing about reunions everyone looks just like you!


  3. Ten Sleep?! That's incredible. My cousins have a ranch there. Small world.