Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shopping? NOT ME! I've Got the Crabby Christmas Blues!

WOW - a it's been over a month since I've posted!  We had a nice family get together over Thanksgiving and I sure enjoyed seeing the grand-babies.  The new one has grown so much since he was born the 29th of October. He almost had to share his birthday with a pumpkin or something!!  And granddaughter is such a good big sister!
Grandson was only about a week old when Granddaughter's Uncle (#1 Son) took this picture.  It's been my favorite photo of them so far!  Look at Big Sister's face in this photo in the corner and her hands.  She is so taken with her new baby brother!

Course with Thanksgiving came BLACK FRIDAY!!!  What an awful name for a day of shopping.  And I hate to SHOP.  HATE IT.  So I certainly did not participate in the crowded stores after Thanksgiving.   When I was dating Hubby I remember going into the J. C. Penney store in Mid-Wyoming Town on Black Friday.  It was so packed you almost could not navigate the stairways to the upper and lower floors.  So there we were in the midst of the crowd and Hubby-to-Be starts waving his arm and yelling at me "Out and Around 'em Shep!  Out and around em!" (for those that don't know, that's how you tell a stock dog to gather up the sheep or cows!)

And my nickname has been Shep ever since!  

So maybe that's what started my dread of shopping in crowded stores - nah, I hated it before then.  I guess when you are raised near Broke-Back Mountain (I really was!) crowds and you don't mix.

But I did participate in Manic Monday or whatever they call the Monday after when everyone orders on-line. Now wasn't that Easy?  Well, almost - still waiting on one order for the Wee Grandson.   Hopefully it will arrive next week and then I'm Done! except for a few small presents.

I've decided I have turned into Maxine!

I am almost done with the pinafore and dress for Granddaughter #1.  The pattern I used had several errors so that was challenge to work through but I like it and hope she will too. I wound up doing something entirely different then originally planned fabric-wise thanks to the great gal at ET Quilts!  Now on to the Christening outfit for the Grandson!  I'll post a photo of the outfits on the blog when I'm done.
Merry Christmas to All - to all a GOOD NITE!   Shep


  1. The photo of the two grands would be my favorite, too. Your grand daughters expression is adorable.

    I avoid the stores this time of year. I can't stand the crowds in addition to standing in line for an eternity.

  2. I've actually just left stuff in the line and left the store! Yep, I get THAT crabby. On-line is much better.

  3. Hi Merideth.
    We haven't met except via comments on OPOD & Nate's Nonsense. But, I also live in Wyo. I love your blog. What a great picture of your g-kids.
    It was a release from....somewhere dark...when we gave up 'gifts'. We do other things for the grandkids (like trips) but no overpriced, soon-to-be-forgotten, toys. Besides, they all get so much from their parents.
    I'm glad I don't have to end up like Maxine!

  4. Love the Maxine video. She is one of my favorite people!

  5. I got those Crabby Christmas Blues attitude too..I have left stuff in the stores and one time there were so many people I thought I might be trampled..and this is civilization? Hardly. I am looking forward to seeing what you sewed! :)