Sunday, April 17, 2011

Its a Conspiracy or the Unraveling of America!

I think it is a plan, an evil devious plan.  It's being pushed on the American Consumer by the Asian Fashion Manufacturers.   Have you every noticed, you need to sew back on every button before you can wear your new shirt?  Or sew this or sew that?

The other day, I was getting dressed at my gym and I stuck my foot into my office dress pants.  It felt weird, just a little too much resistance so I tugged a little more.....AND UNZIPPED THE ENTIRE SIDE SEAM of my pants!!!!!! I had snagged a thread from the continuous style sewing on the seam and pulled the threading completely out of the leg of the pants!  Sheesh.......fortunately, there was still an inner seam holding it together on the very edges of the material, the overlap seaming.  Otherwise, my reappearance in public would have had to have been in sweatpants!  I think it's a conspiracy by foreign powers to make sure Americans wind up buck-naked in the cold! Somewhere in the Indo-China Map Area, a little wizened citizen sits at his home sweat shop sewing continuous seams on women's pants bound for America laughing manically at the thought of us running around with flapping open pant legs.  It's his only amusement in a bleak world, but it does amuse him greatly. Consider this fair warning.

But really!!!!!!  Is this a good plan to sew a seam on a pair of pants like this??? I say NO!  But I can sew them back up.

Wyoming spring has hit the past week, green is slowly peaking up through the winter browns, rearing it's head inspite of cold, windy, rainy days....and it feels good.  Mud feels GOOD.  The snow stick is buried in the mud now. We have several calves on the ground.  No foals this year though and I haven't replaced my chickens after the raccoon killed them all. So no baby chicks either.

I did start the casserole carrier so will post how to make one in the next few blogs.

Till then I hope to see a LOT more clouds that look like these!


  1. Wow, that last picture is very pretty. It almost looks like a painting...I love the contrast in colors.

    I know what you mean about cheaply put together clothing. A year ago I bought a coat from a pricier department store. I spent a decent chunk of change on the coat too. Anyway, it has lost almost all of it's buttons, so sad :(.

    I hope you were able to fix your pants! LOL

  2. I never buy anything with buttons..nope not a blouse kinda gal..I tend to show way to much off inbetween those falling off buttons. I have noticed that they are using inferior zippers. You are correct it must be a plot to undo all of America:)

  3. ha! ..So.. it's not just my clothes! I find my seams just opening up and small holes appearing for no reason. First.. I thought it was my big belly rubbing up against the fabric until they began showing up under my arm..on my knee and in other more private places. No question..a definate conspiracy! I would love to see how you mmake your cassarole carriers...I ran out of tea towels.