Friday, July 8, 2011

The Santa Barbara Courthouse

According to Trip Advisor, the Santa Barbara Courthouse is the No. 1 Attraction in Santa Barbara.  My response was 'you gotta be kiddin' me!' 

Well take a gander at these photos and you know why! My oh my!  The Santa Barbara Courthouse was built in 1929 in Mission Style and if you are ever in Santa Barbara, it is a must to visit.  Click on the Link and go see the photos there also. They said a lot of people get married in it's gardens and while we were there touring --- there was a wedding taking place!  The setting is beautiful.
The Front of the Santa Barbara Court House

Top of the entrance

The Entrance - different departments were on different sides.  The side we could tour was the Recorder and the Court and attorney's offices.  Sort of like a Big Dog Trot Cabin don't you think? LOL

The ceiling just after we went in

A tiled bench seat under a window.
My photos do NOT do this justice.  The Tile work was gorgeous.

Interior of the Court Room.  All four sides had murals depicting the founding of Santa Barbara. The people in the picture were part of a guided tour.  We were freelancers so to speak :)  The link above has a good picture of the murals in the court room.

A view of the door we came through on the left and another door into the hall with the surrounding mural.  Again not good digital photos.

Ceiling and chandelier in the court room

Stained glass window 

Beginning of the stairs up to the Bell Tower showing some of the tile work.

Painted portico.

The Bell Tower - upon which I did not step out toooooo far.  I am afraid of heights.  You want the view - you will have to go see if for yourself!!

Gardens behind the court house with the wedding on the right in the 'sunken' garden

Entrance door from one of the side streets.  It says over the entrance "Reason is the Life of the Law" which I thought was interesting.

Next time - we see WHALES, the Santa Barbara Harbour and Lil Toot.

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  1. Wow, that is a gorgeous building. Thanks for the photos.