Friday, August 19, 2011

Be Careful of What you Wish for - Part 2

Last post I told you about the cool spring and all the rain.....and how the La Nina scooped the moisture out of Texas and brought it up to us 60 Miles North of Nowhere.

So the positives were 1) cool spring and 2) lots of rain!  The negatives were less hay crop and here is #2 and it's a biggie!

Texas is buying all our hay and taking it south.  Normally our hay prices run around $120 a ton.  Texans are buying it for $200 a ton and over.  Add in their shipping costs and it's prohibitive but they get government money to buy hay.  Wyoming ranchers got the Short End of the Stick.  There is NO hay to be had for a reasonable price; it's like WE are in the drought right along with Texas.  Some ranchers on the Eastern side of Wyoming have found some South Dakota hay but most are scratching their heads to figure out what to do.

Better Half and I have decided what we will do -- sell our cows (they aren't our living just a hobby herd) and keep only the best five cows along with the best replacement heifers who will calve in 2012 for the first time.  Buy some cake for the cows and what hay we did get from our hay supplier will go to the horses.

We have sold some horse and are cutting back.  It's much easier to sell cows; you don't have to find them a new HOME. It helps that we have a lot of grass this year and won't have to feed as long.

Sometimes this climate stuff just sucks.  Like a vacumn cleaner.  Strongly! Lesson Learned - Be CAREFUL of what you wish for!

Yesterday was fun.  #2 Son and Darling Wife and grandkids came out.  And We did what our family does.  #1 Granddaughter is pretty enamored with the horses.  They forgot her riding helmet but fortunately had her bike helmet in the car.  She rode 'all by herself'.

But not really - it took an entourage....
Bob the Dog got banished right after this photo when I realized he was in the shot.  He is a known heel-nipper.  No heel nipping on Fizz when Granddaughter is on him!!!  No Bob No!

Even #1 Grandson got introduced.  Nice Saddle Dad!  He didn't seem to notice there was a horse under it, but I guess at nine months you only concentrate on the things you can get your hands on.


  1. Coming home from Casper last week, I met semi after semi of hay and knew it was headed out our state. Whenever the hay trucks are thick, the price zoomed skyward.

    Your decision was a good one when forage prices are so high.

  2. We have had plenty of moisture too and a good hay crop. It is nice to see the green..your Grands look like they had a great time on the horses:)

  3. The grands did have a good time and I was just informed that #1 Granddaughter will be back out mid-week to ride Fizz again. She's been asking every day. Nana can't wait!