Saturday, October 22, 2011

Maine's Fall Foliage and the Rangely Lakes Area

Height of the Land

 Isn't this just gorgeous?  We were up on a mountainside called Height of the Land if I recall correctly and the body of water is one of the Rangely Lakes.  We ate our lunch at a quaint restaurant just on the other side of this Lake.
Rangley Lake - Height of the Land

Sumac Berries, these were very common

Ira's Mountain.  An interesting place where someone (apparently Ira) had dug down into the base of the hill and then piled rocks into a round configuration with 2 benches in the middle.  The purpose of this all this tremendous effort I couldn't figure out.

Red Leaves in the Maine Woods

View from the top of Ira's Mountain

This was 'Small Falls'.  I didn't think they were so small and were in fact quite impressive.  While I was standing there 2 kayakers came down the falls from the top!  Wow, the tips of the kayaks pointed down like lawn darts!  They got out of the river here and in fact were parked next to us in the parking lot.  They said they wouldn't recommend just anyone try riding down the falls.  I bet! that was a WISE recommendation.

Close up of Small Falls

Another view of Small Falls

The Restaurant where we ate lunch in the Rangely area.  I think the town's name was pronounced Awh-qwas-sock.
It was a great 'loop' we drove that day and some really pretty country.  Maine is a very wooded state and also very rural.  Only small towns and not many even larger towns.   Next post will be Maine Maple Sugaring and some Maine animals.


  1. Very pretty photos of Maine..I have never been I am enjoying your trip! :)

  2. Beautiful. Wouldn't it be neat to have a mountain, or even a hill named after you?
    Out west we name every little creek and wash. The one time I drove to New England, back in 1959, I found that was not true there. We drove over a humongous river and there wasn't sign one on it. I consulted our trusty atlas and saw that it was the Hudson River. In New York.

    If that was Small Falls, I wonder what Big Falls looks like?