Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kids and Ponies

Of Kids and Ponies -- We looked a long time for a nice pony for the grandkids and found Jeannie.

She's as cute as a bug's ear don't you think?
Jeannie is 18 years old and has a raised a passel of kids -- in other words she is PERFECT!
I think she is a Shetland/Mini cross and is a whopping nine hands tall.  Last weekend the grandkids were introduced and Jeannie is a HIT.  As we knew she would be.

OF course one's new pony must be thoroughly approved by the little brother and then properly brushed.

And then for a ride around on her.  I bet by the end of the summer, granddaughter is riding her in the round pen by herself.  Jeannie is not a lazy pony at all and really steps out nicely.  A feature that will be much more appreciated as time goes on; but I think the kids found it a little intimidating at first.
It wasn't all fun and games.  There was some SERIOUS discussion going on here--grandson, grandpa and Uncle -- 3 generations.
Aunt L and Grandson were official supervisors for part of the big foray into Pony Land.
And we will probably never know who wound up being the best roper but I really don't think it was anyone in this picture!!!


Oh and Grandma is really partial to this pony because
This IS Grandma with her 7th birthday present in 1958! Her name was Heidi and she was PERFECT too!

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  1. Hi Merideth what lovely pictures and I love Jeannie's head collar, just perfect for her. The Grandchildren will soon be asking for big horses to ride on! Susie x