Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not a good way to start a Sunday Morning

Hubby came in and said get going (I was being pretty lazy and had not even dressed yet) Jeannie the pony is colicking.!!

OH NO!  Believe you me, I was dressed with checkbook in tow, called and vet and we dashed in, pony in tow.  Colic can kill a horse.  It's the bane of owning a horse.  But I'm happy to report the vet called this evening and said Jeannie appeared to be in no more pain, she will give her a small flake of hay in the a morning to she how she does on it and we can pick her up.  Thinks it was gas colic but I don't think we are quite out of the woods on a upper impaction as she had not passed the mineral oil yet. (They tube them with mineral oil to get things to literally slip out.)

I think she will be okay as the vet said Jeannie was rather put out she did not get her evening feeding.  Well that was good sign.  Well actually Jeannie has been put out since she got put back into the Fat Girl Corral and back on a Diet.  She is as they say 'an easy keeper'.

This horse is NOT allowed to be sick!!!

Lately we've had an itch---an itch for a bigger place.  One that will run maybe 50 head instead of Saturday we took drive.

We saw lots of country.....
And even more country with very little grass.

AND I discovered that sometimes there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!!

Itch Scratched.

HI HO SILVER (well in this case NO silver!!)


  1. Hi Merideth, I am sure she will be fine. Yes sometimes the grass looks greener, or browner, but you just need to look to know that "there is no place like home"! Sorry I am in a "sayings" mood!!! Lol Hope things get better where you are soon. Susie x

  2. Oh Merideth, I am so glad she is going to be ok.(or seems like it so far) Darn little fat ponies anyway! All of my horses except one are "easy keepers" I have to really watch their food intake, or they would eat themselves to death.
    The grass is always greener on the other side, but it is a mirage. (see my "blind horse finds a home" post from last
    Although I must admit, if you are looking for a place with more grass, this is probably a bad time to do that. With our lack of moisture this year- even places that usually have lots of grass are looking pretty bleak.
    I would say that your place looks pretty "vegitated" to me!!!! :)