Monday, June 3, 2013

Drought, Dust, and Climate Change

The recent drought, as in prolonged drought really since 2004, has me dry and not enough water the new 'normal' for Sixty Miles North of Nowhere?

Perhaps.  We thought we would have to sell our cows this year but we just had a stretch of thunderstorms and now everything is green again!

But what if it hadn't rained?  What if we depended on those cows to feed a family like they did back in the dust bowl days?  How awful that must have been for them; scanning a sky for moisture they needed to feed their family, put in a crop, graze cattle.  Looking for rain that never came.

I interviewed a lady who lived through those days in the Red Canyon area near Lander, Wyoming.  She told me she got so desperate she shot prairie dogs to just feed her children.  Can you imagine!!  But she and her kids all survived.

And who can forget the depression era photo, Migrant Mother, by Dorothea Lange...Destitute pea pickers in California. Mother of seven children. Age thirty-two. Nipomo, California
Taken in a California Migrant Camp for the Resettlement Administration.  To read more click HERE

If you have ever looked into the eyes of desperation, this has to be it.
I recently read where this lady, Florence Thompson, survived the dust bowl as did all her children and they stayed in California.  I'm glad at least this photo has a happy ending.   

I am not sure climate change will have a happy ending.  Maybe I'm glad I probably won't be here to see it, although my grandchildren surely will be.  AND that worries me.

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  1. It is a little daunting isn't it. Especially for those who rely on rainfall for their very existence. Whether they be farmers, ranchers, or what ever. Funny how city folks don't really even give it a second thought, other than having to water their lawns more and pay higher water bills. I personally choose to water my pasture over my yard 90% of the time. Having pasture saves me money on hay during the summer. That lawn doesn't mean anything to me. :)