Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How High can it GO?

Well I THOUGHT it was a good plan.  Do an end run through the pasture, around the drifts, and then JUMP THE HUMP and voila! I was back on the road at the Gate, and at the Highway......but I did not have enough steam going and FAILED .... slid to the fence and was stuck......

Know what the say about close only counts in Horseshoes?  Its TRUE!

Here's the road after it was plowed .... I stuck the car the day before this picture.
You can see it in the distance at the end.

Are we having Fun Yet???????


  1. yup! Don't miss that!
    I do however miss our lunches!

  2. Hi Merideth, keep warm and safe in all this extreme weather everyone is having. So far we have avoided the snow but have lots and lots of rain and flooding. We are okay but lots of people are out of their homes. It is not good. Keep safe Susie x

  3. Brings back a LOT of memories of when I lived on the farm. Hurray for snow-plowed roads!

  4. Oh that's really bad if people are out of their homes. At least I only have a bad road!