Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring in Wyoming, Mud and Snow!

This past winter was rough, not the roughest I've seen but we had slightly over 100 inches of snow.
The lane to the Highway from the house.

It was a good thing Hubby had our John Deere Skidsteer but by the end of the winter that nice wide plowed lane was down to one skidsteer width.  YOU did NOT want to get high-centered (stuck) in it as you couldn't open your doors to escape the vehicle!!!

Snow + Spring in Wyoming = MUD, SERIOUS MUD

And we've had it although I did not take any photos.   SERIOUS MUD + Warm Spring Weather = GRASS

And we are waiting for that warm weather.  We have 'some' green grass but it's really not coming in yet as it's been too cold.  Freezing most nights yet.  We had purchased extra hay last fall and it was a good thing we did. The past few years we've been done feeding usually by the third week of March.  This year we are STILL feeding but are down to about 2 1/2 tons left.  That's only one more week of feed.  Good thing we bought 12 tons more than the year before!

C'mon Grass!  We are Ready. July 2012

Only one more cow left to calve from our 'herdlet'.  We got one fully belted bull calf that is the prettiest thing.  I will have to take a picture of him before he gets much bigger.
The 2013 Calves

Tomorrow we are getting ready to leave for two weeks for a trip to Missouri and Arkansas.  We are going to attend the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Jenkins Ferry.  Hubby's gr gr grandfather fought for the Confederacy at Jenkins Ferry and we also going to Minden, Louisana, to trace the route/steps that Julia Johnson walked to and from to get her husband, Thomas Logan Johnson, from Camp Magruder at the end of the Civil War.  He became deathly ill at the camp and was unable to get home on his own.  You can read their story in more detail HERE and HERE.

I intend to take my laptop and hopefully find time to post some photos and information about the trip as it occurs.   I haven't had much personal computer time since January as I've been so busy with work.  I am hoping to get caught up and have more time by summer.  Sure hope that's not a Pipe Dream!

Hit a pretty good snow squall on the way to work this morning!  So still not raining but snowing......

Which brings me to the question -- Do Eskimos ever complain about the weather?


  1. I swear, you take the coolest vacations!

  2. This has definitely been the year of the Winter that does not end! Riverton didn't get as much snow, but the Wind Rivers did.

  3. I'm not convinced winter is actually over here yet.

  4. So. What kind of summer has it been? Lots of grass I hope. Any photos of the belted calf?