Monday, May 4, 2015


It has been a long time since I've posted but now I'm Baaack!

The big news is I am now retired. Not exactly by choice but I was laid off April 1st due to low oil prices.  And I am soooo tired of the commute I decided to not look for another job.

We have had a new addition to the North of Nowhere family -- our 3rd grandchild, granddaughter #2.  She is a sweetie and loves her brother and sister.

 One of the my first retired projects was this baptismal dress for her.  Taken from the Sew Beautiful magazine it was a challenging project to say the least!  It was called the Winter Christening Gown.
Granddaughter #2 is six months old in the photo that was taken by her mother.  Her mom is quite a talented photographer!

This is the picture from the Magazine:
The magazine version had embroidery on the organza overdress but after trying briefly to replicate that I quickly gave up the idea thinking I would simply ruin the organza and have to start over on that layer.  I really did not think it detracted at all from my version of the dress.

I've not chosen my next sewing project yet.  I have so MANY Many many UFO's (unfinished objects) from the years of working that it might be hard to chose one!!

Next project on the list is to start a garden!  I want to do something in raised beds and am thinking about using some of the old leaky stocks tanks we have just laying around for the bed planters.  I have one friend who has tried this and says they work great!

Will keep you all posted!


  1. Boy I was surprised to see you pop up on the feed today! Congrats on the retirement and a new Grand! She is a beauty as is that gown! :)

    1. Ha ha I bet everyone thought I had gone over the rainbow bridge but I was just too busy to post anything.