Saturday, December 19, 2015

After A Brutal Snow

After a brutal snowstorm where we got 7" here at North of Nowhere and 16" where Son #1 and Son #2 Live....with winds up to 50 mph......we are talking Nasty, Cold, bad bad roads (we were snowed in till noon the first day until they got the road plowed).  And to think I thought we were going to have a brown Christmas.   Foolish Woman.
There's a car under that snow...................AND I DON"T WANT TO LOOK AT THIS SORT OF STUFF

instead let's look at:

#2 Son on his horse, Freckles when he was four years old (the boy not the horse)
#2 Son getting on Freckles by himself when he was about six
# 2 Son twenty years later on Fizzy

Hubby bringing in the mares

#1 Son on Melody and Hubby on Ratchet

Our Wedding Photo

We did not get married horseback just rode away from the church horseback.  They had ribbons and CANS tied in my horses tail.   Don't you think it would have been rather undignified if ol Pepper had bucked me off???????

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH much better than looking at snow pictures.    Thank You.

 Merry Christmas to you all.
May your snow never blow and your feet never freeze to the ground.


  1. Merry Christmas! I enjoyed all your old photos, I agree better than snow photos but then your snow is way prettier than ours:)

  2. Hi Merideth loved the old pictures, especially your wedding one, a great way to leave the church. Although I love looking at snow pictures as we don't get much here, if at all, and really at Christmas you should have snow. At the moment here it is very mild and raining a lot. Have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year. Hugs, Susie xx