Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How I got this Old

Well I'm in that post-war baby boom generation. You know the one -- the generation who is going to cause the downfall of Social Security and Medicare just like we overwhelmed the school system first in grade school and later on in college. We got blamed for it all -- even Vietnam now I think. Well pardon us -- its not our fault our parents messed around like minks when dear old dad came home from the Big TWO War. We were born and we survived.

Although there are days I can feel the road map that took me down this path on my body. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think who the hell is that old fat lady with thinning hair?

Pretty typical life I suppose - married after an associates degree in college, two kids both boys, worked part-time all my life. What's probably not typical of most baby boomers is I live in rural Wyoming, have a passion for Morgan horses, and like to write.

With demise of a newsletter I put together twice a year for ten years, I decided maybe bitching on a blog would satisfy my craving for writing. As my mother-in-law used to say, a good ol' Stitch N Bitch session.

So sit back and I hope you will enjoy. I'll go down some of the side paths that has earned me some grey hairs and comment on stuff that really irritates me.


  1. Found you via Old Pictures.
    Lovely photo.

  2. an aging Baby Boomer myself, I'm going to enjoy this blog.