Friday, January 8, 2010

Making Memories

It's been bitter bitter cold with wind chills of minus 20 below...or greater!!! So I've had time to sew on projects and thought I would share what I made this last summer for my granddaughter.

Since I had two sons, and no daughters, I realized the wedding dress my mother and I had made for me, was not ever going to be used again.  So taking a DEEP breath, I cut it up and made a Christening gown for my granddaughter's christening in June.

It turned out wonderful and I put in a label stating that it was made specifically for her, the date of the Christening, and that it came from the wedding dress her grandmother and great grandmother had made.  I have scraps left (I cannot believe a baby's dress took THAT much material!!) to use for a second grandchild but I hope it's a boy because there's only Romper material left!!!

I hope someday my granddaughter will christen my great grandchildren in her christening gown -- and MY wedding dress.  As they said in "Dances With Wolves"  --- GOOD TRADE.

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  1. This is a lovely idea..I love the horseback photo too! I am certain your grand daughter will treasure this gift. I should do something with my wedding dress one wore it..times change. I am not a sewing type person...but my Mother is:)