Thursday, June 2, 2011

Missing From Blogdom!

It's been over a MONTH since I've been able to post.  First my internet router DIED.  Zip! Pfsttt! and it took my provider and I weeks to be able to connect up and get a new wireless one put in.

And I went to Santa Barbara via the Coast Starlight train from Sacramento.  It was awesome!
We went to Denver to my husband's forty year class reunion.  It was a blast.

I finished the casserole carrier so will post on how to finish it first, probably tomorrow.

As they say, She's Baaaack!  And I have tons to post!


  1. Welcome back, Merideth!

    It will be fun to see photos of your adventures.

  2. you've been busy! And another train trip! How neat!

  3. Missed you, glad you're back. My friend, Lynn, who lived outside Boulder, would sometimes have a computer problem and it would take weeks to get it resolved. No one was particularly anxious to make the drive all the way out to the ranch.