Saturday, June 4, 2011

Binding the Casserole Carrier

We will FINALLY Proceed with finishing our casserole carrier.  If you are like me, your 'sandwich' is not too precise so you will need to trim it so it's nice and neat.
 Trimming Away the Excess

Results After Trimming - Nice & Neat!
Next you will either need WIDE bias tape or if you are like me, I like to make my own.  There are numerous tutorials on the web on how to make your own bias tape.  I usually cut mine a bit wider than they say; at least 2 1/2 inches wide as it gives me more 'room' to fold it over.  First Sew the bias tape to both ends of the short sides of the casserole carrier.

 Sewn to both short sides

 Now we are going to fold it over and press it down and pin.  I don't like to hand sew particularly so on projects I am not fussy about, I carefully pin it 'the ditch' so I can then flip it and sew in the ditch and catch it on the opposite side.  This photo shows the pinning on the underside.
Stitching in the Ditch from the Top
Sometimes I don't get it quite right as here if you can see I missed catching it on the underside (by the 9 line).  I just go back and catch it.
Next we create our box corners, flip up the short, just bound flap till you have a nice square corner and sew with about a 1/2 inch seam.  Note your seam is on the OUTSIDE of the box--not inside.

The sewn corners create the 'box'.
Now we are going to place our bias tape along the just sewn 'box' seam and along the flap that will cover the top of the 'box' mitering our corners.  Again if this is new, there are numerous tutorials on the web on how to miter your corner with bias tape.  At the beginning and ending -- both will be at the start of the 'box' seam, turn under 1/4 inch of the tape and let it slightly overlap so you don't have a raw edge showing.

One side done - one to go

Next time - finishing the casserole carrier and then after that one, we will go on to my trip via the Coast Starlight. 

If you find any of my instructions confusing, please let me know and I will try to clarify them for you.  Plus I have a surprise ending to this casserole carrier.

I have SO much to blog about after being 'internetless' for almost 3 weeks.  My hi-speed router died and I swear I almost went with it!! I never realized how much I depended on it until it was gone.

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