Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

We only did a day trip to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.  I think that was way toooooo short.  The area is beautiful and I would have liked to have taken a carriage ride in Acadia, one of the things it is noted for.  The Rockefeller family donated the land to the National Park Service and they had had a summer home there for many years.  Driving was one of their passions and they had built numerous carriage roads which are still there today.

Did you know the Rockefeller family was also instrumental in establishing a National Park in Wyoming?  Can you guess which one?  I'll put the answer at the end of this post but onto to Bar Harbor or as they say in Maine - Bawh Hawboor. :)

The Bar Harbor Inn.  Nope didn't stay there and I bet it was pretty pricey to stay here.

A cruise ship and a sailing vessel in the Harbor.  Note the dock full of seagulls!
The Bar Harbor Wharf.  They have Puffin and Whale Tours off this wharf.  Would be fun to take if we ever make it back!

It said on the wharf you can walk over to the big island in the background during low tide.  I imagine one would need to know when high tide was going to occur before undertaking such an adventure!

Bar Harbor at Dusk - time to go home!

Acadia National Park - see the little cottage on the beach? 

Acadia, viewing the Atlantic Ocean.

Acadia National Park.  One of the many views from the scenic highway going through the park.

Acadia National park.

Close up of the mosses on the rocks.

I apparently neglected to get any photos of the carriage roads!!  Maybe next time, sigh.

Today was cold in Wyoming, winter is upon us I fear.  We've already had one good snow of 6", the horses are furry and our pellet stove is burning 24/7.  Summer is way too short.

The Rockefeller family donated land to Teton National Park near Jackson, Wyoming.  Did you know the answer?

Next blog will be the Phillips Maine narrow guage railroad.


  1. Yes, I knew about the Rockefeller family's tie to Teton Natl. Park.

    I'm afraid Winter has arrived in Wyoming!

  2. Hi Merideth love the pictures if you go to this link = you will see Martha Stewart riding the carriage roads. It looks a wonderful part of the world. Hope the weather isn't too bad so far. Susie x