Sunday, November 13, 2011

Phillips Maine and the Sandy River Narrow Gauge

A donkey engine with cars from the Sandy River Railroad in the background.
At the end of our loop drive one day, we stopped and looked at the Sandy River Narrow Gauge Railroad in Phillips, Maine.  It last ran as an operating railroad during the Great Depression and now runs only as a tourist train.  Sadly, it was closed the day we were there but it was still fun to just look.   Perhaps one day if we go back we can catch it on a day it's running.
One of the tourist open rail cars.  Looks like fun don't you think?

I believe this little green house used to be the railroad's office.  There were several small buildings like this.

This was the track to nowhere as it ends right before the little building.  I have no idea why.

The round table.  This is amazing.  They could turn the locomotive or any of the rail cars on this -- and I don't think it took that much effort either.  I bet a couple of men could have done it easily by just pushing on the car or engine's sides.
The front of the round table - can you see the wheels under the platform that would ride on the single rail to turn the engine or car around?  There was also some sort of handle/brake on the wheel.
Tracks from the roundtable going to the roundhouse on the left.
A caboose that was by the roundhouse.  I bet if your dad was a brakeman or engineer or conductor; you wanted to grow up to be railroad man too!  Especially if he ever took you to work once, you would be hooked!
The Phillips Maine depot
The Depot from the other side.  This car had long green seats down each side, it had been revamped and was not original.
The Sandy River was very rocky and very scenic!!  Just beautiful.

The back end of the one of those long one-unit farmhouses across the Sandy River.
This was on the way back out from the Narrow Gauge Railroad by the road.  If only this house could talk.  I would love to know who built and the story behind this house.  It did not look like it had been modernized or was being lived in currently.  I hope it will be preserved in the future.
Here is a link to the Sandy River Railroad and it's history (and schedule)

It was fun to see and I hope someday we can RIDE on this narrow-gauge.  This is the end of the postings for our Maine Vacation.  Hope you enjoyed.


  1. Looks like a grand adventure! I could have spent hours roaming around this area.

  2. Those are great photos. I love the little depot building and the red one. They speak of a more gentle time. I could use that I think.

  3. I have to agree about the gentle era comment! You know the strangest thing I found on vacation in Maine? The service stations have NO public restrooms!!! What's with that???? You are traveling and you have to go but the question is WHERE??????????????? LOL