Sunday, September 15, 2013

My NEW Love well maybe OUR New Love....

When you live 60 miles north of nowhere, entertainment other than watching a prairie dog or an antelope, is quite scarce.  Well we did have satellite television but cannot get anything off the air at all.  That added up to an expensive bill every month - over $70.00 and then we felt like there was very little that suited our tastes.

You see we are old-fashioned and when you are married to a cowboy guy

Darling Hubby on Melody
if it ain't a western it ain't worth watchin!   Even a bad western is better than anything else in their opinion.

So we dropped down to the very basic satellite package ($29.99) and got a Roku.  Wow - what a wonderful little gadget if you have wifi (which believe it or not here out in the boonies we do!).  It was easy to set up and for only $8 a month you can watch some really great westerns on Netflix streaming.  (We had it by mail but dropped that and went to streaming).  

We also subscribed to Hulu Plus but both of us found their interface hard to use and we were not watching it so we just kept Netflix.  So far one of our favorites has been the series from AMC (which is on Netflix) called   Hell on Wheels  which is basically about a former Confederate Soldier, Bohannon, who is a foreman helping to build the Union Pacific across Nebraska.  It's a Great Show, and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good western. Course Longmire is a favorite especially since it's location is set 70 miles north of us but we have already watched all the 2013 episodes before we got the Roku.   That said the streaming usually runs one year behind or at least a couple of weeks but that doesn't bother us in the least.

I also discovered we can watch last night's local news from 60 miles away via streaming through Plex.  We've NEVER had a local news channel.  It's only about 10 minutes of streaming news but hey! AT least it's local.

Even Cowboys sometimes have to get 'modern'.

Course we still :entertain ourselves watching some of the perks to be found 60 Miles North Of Nowhere 

like the Elk (see them on the hillside behind our horses?) and other great Wyoming wildlife.


  1. Wow, look at that view!

    I agree television is such a waste. Although that show sounds pretty good. I have one pet peeve much violence. I don't mind if people get killed in the show, but if I have to watch all the graphic gratuitous blood, it turns me off. Is Hell on Wheels like that?

  2. Yeah its pretty graphic violence like most 'modern' westerns. No bloodless dying here...but we really like the show.

  3. I use my Roku a lot, and I am seriously considering dropping my cable TV completely. I have the basic package now, but don't like many of the shows on TV anymore.

    I've never heard of Plex - can you give me some details?

  4. Plex is one of the Roku 'channels'. You can basically send video from your computer to your tv with it.
    Search on Google for it and the website will explain on how to set it up and download it. I'm still learning with it.