Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Think Fall Was

September 24th this year in Wyoming.  I missed it.

First Snow - September 26th and it was a doozy.

Then in Early October we've had one snow of about 18" (Atlas) which drove east of us and devastated the poor Ranchers in South Dakota.  Our livestock got cold but we poured some hay into all of them and they weathered it okay.

The Beginning of Atlas

Then we've had 2 more snows for about 8" total.....all of which has melted into MUD.

And WINTER isn't even here yet -- this is suppose to be FALL, where did it go?

Oh, and remember I was going to get laid off and retire?? Like not drive to work from Sixty Miles North of Nowhere and looking forward to it?  Not happening.   The gal who was going to do my job in California quit.  So they are stuck with me and I am stuck with driving.

Maybe I need to get a rig like this and pack my roads like they used to for the sleighs (I do have one).


Well I think this should take the drudgery out of a morning commute!!!!  

I have found some interesting information on one of my ancestors and will try to get a post together about him.  Very interesting stuff sometimes!

Drive Safe this Winter....If its bad, I ain't gonna go is my mantra.


  1. Oh dear Merideth, winter has started with a vengeance with you already. Still if you put some Christmas music on in the car you will definitely be getting into the mood and be ahead of the game! Hope you all can get about safely, including the cows. Susie x

  2. Yes, it could be a loooong winter. After two snowy weekends, it was nice to finally have a weekend free of snow and rain. Maybe I can get my patio furniture put away before the next storm.

  3. Oddly enough I was watching the weather reports up there, and thinking 2 things... a) glad I'm not there b) Well at least my friend Merideth doesn't have to drive in that anymore. Guess I thought wrong. Stay safe my friend.

  4. One snowstorm (or rain and snow) per week so far. Could be a long winter.