Sunday, October 27, 2013

When a Good Deal isn't to Be.............

We'll intersperse the genealogy posts with others.

I shuck out cars -- fast.  Commuting 120 miles a day racks up the miles.  So I always look for good buys in used vehicles.  We've found that we really like the old luxury models with big engines -- they get decent gas mileage on the highway (which is what all our miles are) and are so C-O-M-F-O-R-T - able to go down the road in.  Real Road Lizards.

Several Months ago I spied a real buy in the classifieds.  2004 Lincoln Towncar, low miles, good condition. $Low Bucks!!  YES, this I gotta go see.

So I call and the lady says the car is in the lot where her husband works with a For Sale sign on it.  Drive by.

Alrighty then.

And there it sat in all it's glory - the buy of the year EXCEPT

IT was a deep purple.....and I do Mean Purple!!!


it had........

AMERICAN FLAGS on both front fenders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What the heck????

It was positively the most gawdy ugly thing I've ever set eyes on.

Hubby looks at me.  I look at Hubby.......Hubby says "you could paint it"........"Sure, I could paint and when I found out what it will cost, we won't do it.  And I will be stuck.  Not only NO but HXXX NO!  Not even if it's FREE."

And the last I Knew it was still there with it's For Sale sign.

Even a Bargain Hunter has to have her Standards.   I'm still driving the Yaris so you know mine are not all that High.......


  1. Look at it this way...if you ever got stuck in a snow storm in that thing, they would not have any trouble finding you! LOL

  2. Still chuckling here. . .I say buy the car and drive it with pride. Heck, wear a tiara and a boa; after all, a girl has got to have some bling in her life. Right?