Saturday, April 30, 2016

When it Snows in Wyoming; you know its Spring!

It seems like it's been f-o-r-e-v-e-r since the sun has shone but I really think it's been more like a week.  We've had snow almost every day since then.
Wet and Muddy April 24
Deeper and Muddier April 26

April 27th and MORE snow.  This is a view of our old barn on the hill in the pasture.

On the 28th, the snow has melted to about an elevation of 5,000' -- you can see the snow line in this picture.  This is called Pine Ridge.  We live on Pine Ridge so we got snow not rain.  (our elevation is 5,500')   Yep we live in that white zone.................

On the 29th it warmed it a tad so it melted as it snowed and ditto for today, the 30th.  We still have patches of snow, but it's warmer by a few degrees.  Not warm enough for grass to grow well.  We need sunshine for that and warmer temps.   Sure to be just around the corner.   I mean tomorrow is MAY!!!

The moisture was needed so it's welcome.   In our neck of the woods,  it isn't spring showers that bring May flowers ---it's usually SNOW.

This all started at the end of March when it dumped big time on the mountain---like FEET of snow.  Up to then it had been very dry and not near the normal amount of snow we receive every winter.  I was beginning to wonder if drought wasn't returning!

Here's our mountain lot on the 31st of March when #1 Son and daughter-in-law skiied in to see if there was any damage.
I think they said they had 3 feet of snow on the Mountain when this picture was taken.  It's at least that deep around our trailer in this picture.

The wild flowers will be spectacular this year.   I love seeing fields of lupine on the mountain. It always reminds of what I hear about the bluebells in Texas.   
They were about at the end of their bloom stage when I took this picture but this is lupine that was blooming in the front of the trailer in the above picture.  They will cover that whole hillside and their color should be intense this year with all that water!

May snow come in April and Flowers in June in your neck of the woods!

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  1. We live in a white zone too.

    I know it's only April 30, but the winter does seem to be dragging on.