Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Senior Living - Why does No One Mention this?

Since this year I am eligible for Medicare (how did that happen?) I've done some research and thinking into home renovations that would make it easier for us in our home.

All sorts of articles and blogs mention revamping the bathroom for 'senior living' most of which involves something easy to step into for a bath/shower and handrails where appropriate. Okay gotcha, that makes sense.  Non slip flooring through out a no-brainer.   I even saw one article that mentions putting hand rails down the hallways.  Really?  That's how decrepit I'm going to get??? Yikes.

But so far not ONE has mentioned the kitchen.  NOT ONE.  What? Grandmas no longer cook???

Well this grandma does - and will have to continue to do so.   I also like to home can.  Hubby is allergic to gluten which means I have to cook a lot from scratch.  That's not going to go away as I retire.

I have a lot of trouble trying to get on my right knee to reach anything.  It kills me as I broke the kneecap years ago (and yes, it was horse related.)  Knowing they couldn't cast it I never went to the doctor and now that kneecap is oddly shaped.  So it hurts a lot when I try to get down on that knee.

And that means it's a major ordeal to get anything that is in the back of my lower cupboards.  Wasn't particularly easy as a young woman but now it's a no - go zone.  I bet I've got spices etc wayyyyy in the back that is old enough to have wandered in the desert with Moses.

Recently making a pumpkin pie I saw my above cupboard cinnamon container was empty.  I keep bulk spices in the bottom cabinet.  Do you think I could find it?  No way.  Well I wasn't about to get down on that knee so the pie went in the oven with touch of cinnamon I could shake out of that bottle.  The next day being extradordinarly hardy I DID get down and found the cinnamon.....and the black pepper,,,,,and the italian seasoning.......and the cornstarch.........and.................
And that wasn't all of it.  It's just where I quit.

Which means I need to install wire baskets like this....
I can see where a complete set of these in your cupboard would really be handy especially under the sink and in those lower cabinets.  Pull it out, get what you want.  Pray it never falls out the back end of the basket...

But I've never seen any suggested for a revamp.  Also I want to find a new dishwasher as mine is kaput.  But you can bet I will pay close attention to exactly how low that bottom basket/rack is!!

Happy aging!  Pfttttt!

Warmth has arrived 60 miles north of nowhere and green grass is growing.

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