Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The BIG Picture

Snow on the Big Horn Mountains in the distance from near our place. 
 All Photos were taken May 19 2017.

One of the things I notice when I travel back East, is once I cross the Missouri River and cross into timber/treed country, I miss my wide open skies from Wyoming.  It's almost a claustrophobic feeling like I need to peel back all that greenery and SEE what the land looks like.  I LIKE Kansas and Nebraska.

I also dislike driving to town for anything!  Intensely dislike it.  I think I burned myself out driving a 120 mile round trip commute for too many years.   After a snow on May 18th of this year, instead of driving the 120 miles, I opted for a quick trip of 76 miles round trip to a small rural grocery store.  (We had a later snow around the 24th also this year)

I took pictures of the drive and I'm sure you will see why I miss my 'vistas' when I'm in other states.

Pine Ridge from just after the Powder River crossing near Sussex.

This is Chalk Buttes near Sussex, Wyoming.
On the other side of the buttes the flat plain continues for quite some distance.  That was the location of one of the roundups in the open range days.  I sure would have like to have seen it then with over 100 roundup wagons and cowboys and who knows how many cows!!

In the distance is the North Pumpkin Buttes with snow on them.  Interestingly, Pumpkin Buttes were formed by water and wind eroding the soil around them, with the Buttes being protected by a rock cap.  I wonder how many millions of years that took!

The South Butte of Pumpkin Buttes with snow on it also.  

Road to home leading up to Pine Ridge.  Still snow on them at 3 pm in the afternoon!

Close up the snow on Pine Ridge.  Home is on the extreme left behind the ridge.

And that was my trip home from the grocery store on that snowy May Day.  It was a cold spring this year!  Snow till the end of May almost.  Now it's sunny, warm, and the grass is tall and green.

I took all the photos on my little LG Phone (not a smart one apparently) and discovered to my horror that you cannot download them with a USB cable.  It won't recognize the folder structures so I had to order a mini storage card, insert it into my phone, and then transfer all my photos to the mass storage card.  Then they would download.  Well wasn't that easy? NOT.  But I got er done!


  1. What great pictures and definitely a big sky. We had no snow this year so to hear you are still having snow showers at the end of May! We have just had rain and lots of it, we have had a few nice days but then back to rain!! I know we need it but it would be nice to have the sun and warmth for a few weeks and have a proper summer. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Susie x

  2. I'm so glad you got 'er done. Beautiful country for a drive. But you do need to think WAY ahead on your grocery list, etc. I had a girl friend who ran an outftting lodge in the Wind River Mtns. years ago. She said that sometimes "city folk" would book a week's vacation and then leave the next morning because they were "afraid." Too much solitude? A lake was outside the lodge a short distance and you could see across a couple of miles to the moutains. Too quiet? (Their loss.)