Saturday, June 19, 2010


And yes, they really do yell that!
7:10 a.m and we arrive at Union Station in Denver for our 'BIG' Adventure.

Front Door of Union Station.  You just don't see details/architecture like this anymore!  Isn't it beautiful!
Interior of Union Station with the old high-backed benches.

The Ticket Counter at Union Station.  We had our choice of using the Quik Trak or the counter and we chose the counter because then we did not have to show our ID again to get on the train.  Curiously, since I had booked our tickets on-line; I was the only one who had to have a photo id.  

Really, I booked COACH, Mr. Conductor? Oh drat, I'm sure the computer made a mistake.  It did not, huh?  No Roomette for us...drat.  (Actually I DID book coach as the roomette (ie sleeper) was $348 extra).

Damn, who is going to haul all this blipping luggage onto the train?  ME!!!  (Note to self, pack lighter.  Pack MUCH LIGHTER).

Wow, made the long ramp UP with all that Luggage and am ready to huck it on the train!  (Note to self - Pack Lighter!!!)  Please note the guy ahead of me has had his face smudged out on my photo editor.  Because he is the type who would sue my rear off for publishing this so he can be identified and because before the first night was over, I wanted to desperately choke him to death!!!

 Coach Class, the train was FULL and there were a lot of cars.  Now where were our seats, upstairs of course.  But thankfully the BIG luggage goes on a rack downstairs.  That helps.   A lot (Tip put everything you need for overnight in a small bag so it's easy to get to and if you want to sleep in coach, bring your own travel sized pillow.  Amtrak's are the size of a kleenex.  Well okay maybe a Maxi-pad.  Hey we'll give credit where credit is due.)  Now where in the Sam Hill is SEAT 39A and 39B??????????
Oh thank Goodness Chestine is a Teacher.  She Can Read and She Found 39A & B right there in front of her!  (Note to self:  Next time travel with a University Professor because they would probably be smart enough to make you get a SLEEPER.  An elementary teacher doesn't have any more clues than I did! But really we had a blast in spite of our ineptness!)

Okay - next blog we actually go somewhere on the train instead of just sitting in the station!


  1. Those old train stations are just beautiful! :)

  2. I would love to take a train ride (with an overnight sleeper). We took a cool ride on an "old" train from Paris to Rome and it was the best memory I have of our entire trip!