Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When You Take the Train

The Trip is the Thing!!

I'm back from Vacation and let me tell you it was a Corker!  I had so much fun.  So I'll give you some glimpses over the next few blogs and share some Train Tips I learned with you.
Porch of Gregory Inn.-- Our room was directly behind my friend.

First, my friend Chestine & I met in Denver.  We stayed at this lovely Bed & Breakfast near the Lo Do District (lower downtown).  The Gregory Inn --  our host Steve was a great host and the cook, Tracy, was very engaging and a great cook!  I do recommend it the next time you visit Denver!

We met at the airport DIA and then took the Denver public transportation into Lower Downtown.  Now that was an experience for two country girls, let me tell you.  I think the Shuttle driver was trying to tell us we needed to get off at 30th & Something which was a transfer station to get another bus to get closer, but instead we jumped off EIGHT blocks from the Inn and drug our suitcases the whole way.  WHEW!  I gotta learn more about this RTD system!! in Denver.  Worked out okay.  Turns out we walked through a district with a lot of homeless persons so we fit in :) (note to self: Pack Lighter! Much Lighter!!!)

We spent a day touring Denver.  First we saw the Molly Brown House.  Interesting story, she never went by Molly.  That was a Hollywood fabrication.  She was always Margaret.  The house was beautiful, victorian and too small to be declared a MANSION at a mere 7,000 sq feet!!!  I guess it takes 10,000 sq feet to be a Mansion. This is the front of her house near the State Capitol building.  My friend Chestine took this photo because I stupidly left my digital camera on my desk!!!  So I had to make do with Funsavers but I do have some photos also I will post.

Next we went to the Byers Evans Museum and Home.  They had a display of lovely hand-woven southwest rugs. I have always wanted to do a quilt in one of these patterns.  I believe these are Hopi patterns.

The Byers Evan Mansion was lovely and interesting.  It was added onto several times throughout the years to accomodate various family members and several generations lived in the home.  Here is a shot of the front of this home.

The Byers Evans house from the street.  And one of my photos!  Some of the photos will be Chestine's and some are ones I took.

Then we spent the rest of the day at the 16th Street Mall which is a long street in Lower Downtown Denver with many many shops, restaurants, you name it.   They have a shuttle system running the entire length of 16th street and there is a shuttle on each corner every minute or so--really!   They only run on 16th Street (finally, a public transportation system I can UNDERSTAND!)

Okay, call the Taxi Guy.  Get me a Starbucks while I wait. I am shopped out, financially and physically! (Have I ever told you guys I REALLY REALLY hate to shop?  True story)
I'm beat and ready to go back to the Bed & Breakfast!!  Okay, Chestine, ONE MORE trip to Rockmount's Western Store and THEN we are going back!!

Tomorrow -- Union Station & We Get ON the Train.  (next blog in a few days)


  1. You know, I have never had any interest in Denver what so ever, actually kind of disliked it from my passes on the interstate. But after reading this first brief introduction, just with what you showed, I'm ready to call Mom, pack bags, and take a girls trip to Denver! There's more there than meets the eye I'm thinking! Looking forward to hearing more about the entire trip.

  2. We were stationed at Lowry AFB a long time ago. I enjoyed your sounds like you had a good time..I love the train..the people are so different..then again maybe they thought I was pretty strange! :)