Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's all about the

Veterans on Memorial Day.  My sincere thanks to those who have served and my gratitude to those who did not come home so that we could enjoy our freedom!

The soldier third from the right with his rifle in front of him is my father-in-law.  They are excavating graves of American soldiers who were killed at the Berga section by the Nazi's when the Bergen Belsen concentraton complex was liberated.  Our family was unaware of this photo until it appeared recently in the newspapers and is from the Martin Family collection donated to the US Holocaust Museum.  My father-in-law said very little about his experiences other than mentioning to never get a tattoo to my husband because of what he saw when liberating this camp.

On another note, I am leaving tomorrow for a trip to California and that is ALL about the Train!  I've always been enamored with trains since I was a little girl and the bums would wave to me as they rode the rails when they went past the cabin we stayed at on the Mississippi river.  It looked like Such fun.  So no update for two weeks and then expect Lots of photos! Taking the Amtrak California Zephyr from Denver, Colorado to Sacramento, California.  Will visit friends and their Morgan horses!!!  California or BUST!


  1. Interesting photo, thanks for sharing it! Have a safe trip on the train..I do like to go on the train and I am sure you will too:)

  2. I loved the Train! See the next post on my blog!

  3. My grandfather was a WWII veteran and POW in German camps that were in both Germany and Poland...he didn't talk much of his experiences until his very late years. Sad :(