Sunday, May 23, 2010

You Know You've Had Fun

When your mother gets your ready for bed and tells you in the bathtub, "Munchin, you've got lollipop and sunscreen stuck in your Hair!"  (Thanks to #2 Son for sharing this with me! This was after they spent the day putting in the garden.)

North of Nowhere is experiencing a WET and COLD spring, certainly one of the coldest we've had!
We've gone from this on May 12th to this only eight days later..........

The temperature has been very cool, however.  We've never got much above 60 degrees yet which is keeping the grass growth down.  So cool, in fact, we bought more pellets for the pellet stove as we are still using heat!  However, the predictions are for 85 degrees on Thursday.

Odie, our Cremello Morgan stallion.

And HOW muddy has it been at North of Nowhere.  Well if you are a White Horse, you are not very clean, at all........

But we have Canadian Geese who successfully hatched their young in all that snow and now are waddling around with their goslings, I saw the Sand Hill Crane pass through briefly two days ago, and my hens are threatening to start setting.  Yep, in spite of it's best efforts, I do believe we will have Summer in Wyoming!


  1. Hey! It is getting green there. I got to hear the Sandhill Cranes but never saw any..well maybe from a distance. We have Canadian Geese here too..they have fuzzy babies now.
    I like your updates from North of Nowhere! :)

  2. It might be North of Nowhere but it is stunning!

    Is a Cremello a type or a color. Yes, I know a stupid question.


  3. Far Side - I like your updates from 'back home' and enjoy you a lot. Linda - yes a cremello is a fancy word for a white horse :) You too live in 'God's Country'.

  4. I think your horses live in a horse's idea of horse heaven - atleast in the warmer months!