Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cowboys Just Wanna Have Fun.....

To truly appreciate a cowboy and his hyper sense of humor, well I think you have to live with one 24/7. I once read a description of a cowboy as a "dangerous child."  Yep, that is true.

It is just non stop, when-ever and where-ever.  I knew I was in for it shortly after we were married and our first Thanksgiving Hubby threw a half-thawed turkey into bed with me at 6 a.m. and yelled, "Get UP and COOK Woman!"  A Lesser Woman would have SHOT him; a fact he fails to utterly appreciate even 37 years later.  I must tell you though, not ONE minute of that 37 years has EVER been boring.........
1973, me with my prize catch!  Little did I know what I was in for with his sense of humor!

As you can probably tell from the above photo, cowboys are pretty conservative in their dress.  It consists of Jeans and a Hat and of course always The Boots.  Thirty seven years later, his dress has not changed much.  Pretty basic, just the basics.  ALL of the cowboys I know look at the attire of some of the modern youth today in utter disbelief.  To them (and this includes the younger generation of cowboys, too, my own sons included) why in the world anyone would want to look like a 'Goth' or a 'Punk' is unfathomable.
The other day we were at Wally World, and Hubby ran into a "Good Ol' Boy" he has known for years who lives some distance southeast of North of Nowhere.  As they were talking and reminiscing, one of the local city boys walked by with a denim coat, sleeves cut out, biker chains everywhere, enough piercings to attract lightning, and to top it off, a 'Spike' haircut sprayed orange sticking up to give the kid a height of 7' 10".
You KNOW this kid, you've seen him.  Several times.
Suddenly, as they are talking, Good Ol' Boy interrupts the conversation, stares intently at the above young man, sniffs, wipes a tear from his eyes and says, "Sorry I got sentimental on yah.  I made love once to a chicken and I THINK that might be my son."  We LOST it! and We are still crackin' up!
 A Polish Chicken - wanna see some beautiful crazy birds?  I found him here:


  1. Your description of the kid was just perfect...enough piercings to attract lightning I had to laugh.

    Good Story.


  2. LOL when I wrangled my husband the wardrobe consisted of the same attire as it still does.......jeans, hat and boots......just cleaner ones for weddings and funerals. We were at a branding a while ago and didn't recognize the neighbors own kid he was so pierced and tatted up.

  3. I'm a jeans and boots person... not a cowgirl, just someone who lives in the woods. Loved the stories! Have a good weekend.