Thursday, May 6, 2010

Seriously? This is Global Warming In Action?

Dear Mr. Weatherman:
I really felt I have been patient with you this year as we suffered through winter.  Then Spring arrived and in spite of your dire predictions of Global Warming the past several years along with the impending drought and grasshoppers, I thought we had a serious shot at a nice green spring.

I've been very very patient the last few weeks especially after the 65 mph winds you sent the other day which blew everything on the North of Nowhere Farm that either wasn't nailed down or weighed less than 50 pounds over to the east fence line.   Then this morning, May 6th, we woke up to THIS:

Two inches of the white stuff and it was cold.  Have you not heard that people are calving and lambing?  That some of us were (notice the past tense) planning on putting out tomato plants or actually trying to grow something?

So what's up with this?  Is Global Warming over and we are now living in the Land of the Frozen?  Down to a two week growing season?  You just DID this very same thing on April 30th.  Could that not have been our last snow for the season?  When is the next one? July 4th?  Are we to snowmobile on Memorial Day?  Do you think I can take the Global Warming thing seriously after this?  You are a sadistic old curmudgeon, sir.

Really, this was uncalled for and most unkind.  I'm looking for my rope........


  1. THAT is one funny post. Think of me with swamp pants as the temperatures approach 90. Yuck.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. I have found my lariat--off to find the Weatherman and a tree. I think this should correct the weather.

  3. Good! I want to come and watch!


  4. Mind if I join you? No snow but we had summer in February and then everyone here was surprised when a real spring actually arrived. Woke to frost for the first time in weeks, but at least it is clear.

  5. String the bugger up! It is snowing here now, it is melting as soon as it hits the ground..I made Chance stand outside in it so I would get a good has certainly been a spring that has been different..I think the whole world has gone to you know where some days:(